• High temperature (>140°C)
• Improved electrical
• Increased usable operating life
• Minimizes the need for heat
  sinks and cooling fans
• Reduced cost vs. tantalum and
  ceramic capacitors in relevant

• Low ESR/ESL construction vs.

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Introducing UltraTherm™ Technology

Extend the Operating Temperature Range of Polypropylene Capacitors



• Electric vehicles (EV)
• Plug-in hybrid electric
  vehicles (PHEV)
• Hybrid electric vehicles
• DC link applications
• DC applications with
  high RMS current
• Down hole oil and gas
• Military and aerospace


UltraTherm™ is a unique, patent pending technology that promises to have significant impact on high temperature applications (>105°C) in the automotive, aviation, downhole oil and other advanced power electronics applications.

UltraTherm technology extends the operating temperature range of polypropylene film capacitors to >140°C while retaining desirable electrical characteristics and long operating life. Polypropylene film capacitors with UltraTherm can replace unreliable ceramic and costly tantalum capacitors, significantly reducing cost and improving  performance and reliability. 

UltraTherm can be integrated into any polypropylene film capacitor as a special order. To discuss you  needs, please call us at 508-910-3500 or email ultratherm@aerovox.com.

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