Aerovox is committed to the highest practical quality and safety standards in product design and manufacturing.
As such, the company maintains sophisticated manufacturing, quality control and quality assurance practices
and standards.

Aerovox has no control over improper applications of any capacitors purchases or donated by Aerovox and expects
the user to exercise proper judgment in the selections, use and maintenance of any product supplied by Aerovox.

When dealing with capacitors, electrical or mechanical misapplication can become hazardous. Misapplied capacitors
can explode and cause bodily injury or property damage due the expulsion of molten material or metal fragments.

• Follow proper handling procedures. If there is any question about how to connect or discharge a capacitor,
  please consult Aerovox.


• All capacitor designs are not interchangeable with other capacitor designs even though they may have
  similar ratings. Aerovox capacitors should be used only for the intended application.

• It is recommended that you contact Aerovox at for application and selection assistance

  when in doubt.

Aerovox will not indemnify or be responsible for any kind of damages to persons or property
due to the improper application of any capacitors purchased from or donated by Aerovox.