Aerovox News & Events

Recent News

Paul Fandel Promoted to Engineering Manager at Aerovox Corp. (May 2018)

Aerovox Ships 3 Million Defibrillator Capacitors with Zero Field Failures (April 2018)

Aerovox Gains ISO 9001:2015 Standards Certification (Dec 2017)

Aerovox Corp. Increases High Voltage Range In Film Capacitors (July 2017)

Aerovox Corp. Develops New 50 Hz Power Factor Correction Capacitors (April 2017)

Aerovox Corp. Expands Its Sales and Distribution Network in North America (February 2017)

Guy Hudson joins Aerovox Corp as Director of Sales & Marketing (August 2015)

Aerovox Corp. extends pulse capacitor operating life for medical/cosmetic laser applications (August 2015)

Aerovox Corp. names Marsh Electronics worldwide stocking distributor for its UPS capacitors (July 2015)

Aerovox Corp. begins manufacture of UPS capacitors in China facility (July 2015)

Aerovox Corp. reports performance milestone for defibrillator capacitors (July 2015)

Aerovox Announces Appointment of Jamieson Wardall as Director of Engineering (3/4/15)

Aerovox Launches Polypropylene Film Capacitor Line Designed for UPS Systems (11/19/14)

New Aerovox Technology Addresses Capacitor Performance in High Temperature Power Electronics Applications (7/29/14)

Aerovox Announces Appointment of Michael Roach to Western Regional Sales Manager (7/21/14) 

Other News

Aerovox Releases Application Note on the Use of Power Factor Correction to Lower Energy Costs

Aerovox Launches Multi-Language Website to Support Market Development in Asia and Latin America (9/17/13)

Aerovox Promotes Use of Dual-Level HID Lighting Capacitors to Help save Energy (7/16/13)

Tightly-controlled design and manufacturing processes reduce risk of film capacitor failure (Published in Passive Components Magazine (3/4/13)